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Aluminum liquid hydrogen measurement device

Product introduction: Aluminum liquid hydrogen measurement device is the device which can continuously carry out the measurement of the hydrogen. The hydrogen concentration is calculated by using the hydrogen gas concentration cell method and the Sieverts’ law. ...


Aluminum liquid hydrogen measurement device

The aluminum liquid hydrogen measurement device uses the electrochemical method and the calculation rule of the concentration difference battery formed by the proton conductive ceramic probe to calculate the hydrogen content in the aluminum liquid, unit: ml/100gAl.

Hydrogen has a strong affinity with molten aluminum. It dissolves in molten aluminum by dissolution and diffusion at high temperatures. It will no longer be discharged at low temperatures. It is the main cause of pinholes in castings. 


●   Continuous measurement can be performed online, and the change in hydrogen content can be displayed every second.

 It can work simultaneously with the degassing rotor in the crucible to measure the real-time value of hydrogen content to find the best refining and degassing process.

 No matter how fast the flow rate is, it can be measured in aluminum liquid, and the element content of aluminum alloy is not limited.

     Pure electronic device, light in size, fast in measuring speed, no trouble of mechanical repair and maintenance .

 The test speed is fast and the use cost is low.

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Work simultaneously with the degassing rotor to observe the degassing effect in real time.

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